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Harshoppe Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser In INDIA


Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser has a Easy Mechanism with a Strong Step Pedal. It has a Sturdy Structure and Hassle free operation. Heavy Durable construction with Stainless Steel moving parts.

Wide application

Making Hand Sanitizer Dispenser stand Available right work place shows your Employees, Clients and the Management that health matters to you. This generates a positive impression that you have taken all the essential measures to prevent the spread of Corona Virus.

No Assembly Required

Touch Free Hand sanitizer dispenser is a complete system with Foot operated hand sanitizer dispenser and floor stand .It is easy to operate and install and can be moved anywhere. It is easy to use, particularly for people that struggle to reach over countertops to access the dispenser.It deliver a standardized dose of hand soap or sanitizer and eliminate a common contact point where germs can be transferred.


Foot Pedal Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is a foot operated hand sanitizer stand. Unique design at base to ensure stability.It has a broad foot rest without sharp edges to avoid injury.

Modern Appearance

Because of their Modern Appearance, they attract attention which can increase hand hygiene compliance. It is a Sanitizer Dispensing Stand with pedal switch placed at the bottom .It is made of Stainless Steel and with this device, the sanitizer could be used without touching the bottle with hands, by pressing the pedal with a foot, the bottle would dispense the liquid.

Maintaining Hygiene

Thoughwashing hands is an essential way to save your health and prevent the spread of illness, particularly fighting against the deadly corona virus infection And if you have sanitizer dispensing stand placed strategically at your work place. It can help in maintaining hygiene


DIY Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Simple yet Effective way to Fight COVID-19 with Hand Wash and Hand Santization, without touching the Bottle!

Portable & Easy to Install

While mountable dispenser options may seem complex they are fairly easy to install and setup in virtually all locations. Personal use bottles and holders are available as well. Simply buy and use! You can place them at your desk, high traffic areas, reception spaces, etc.

Worry-Free Refills

Most mountable systems come with allocated refills that fit right into the technology. With certain models its as easy as replacing a soap packet. While personal use sanitizers are easily recycled and replaced by buying a new bottle.


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Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer dispenser

Touch-free dispensers, automatic dispensers, motion-activated dispensers, or whatever you want to call them, are becoming more and more popular for hand soaps and hand sanitizers in institutional settings.


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